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To undertake your life

To undertake your life. Having confidence in yourself, in your ability to succeed, building and shaping your future. Breaking stereotypes and moving existing barriers. There are many positive effects about female entrepreneurship. As a factor of personal development, entrepreneurship teaches us resilience and boosts our self-esteem. 

Female entrepreneurship, a major leverage for the economic growth

In 2016, 163 million women around the world were starting their own businesses. This is in addition to the 111 million women who were already running their companies according to the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor). Female entrepreneurship contributes to a more balanced society where women take part to the development and well-being of their country. In addition to the support they provide to their families, women entrepreneurs are involved in job creation in their communities and are value creators for their society. 

The issue is therefore not only social, but also economic.

There is no doubt about the impact of female entrepreneurship on the world’s economies, and we are convinced that female entrepreneurship is a real growth leverage that is still under-exploited around the world

Meet’Her, relay of female entrepreneurs throughout the world

In France, 3 out of 10 companies are created and managed by women. It is from this observation that we have built the Meet’Her project. 

Going to meet women entrepreneurs means giving a voice to those who have succeeded in overcoming their fears, doubts and their country’s social constraints.

We travel the world for several months to learn about their success stories but also to inspire those who are still wondering if they have the strength to embark on the adventure. 

Our mission

Our objective is to move the boundaries between will and action and transform the barriers specific to women’s entrepreneurship into a strength. 

They talk about us!

They talk about us!