Aude Graf

Who is she?

Aude Graf is a young French woman who fell in love with New Zealand. After having experienced corporate life, her 2 burnout left her think she would rather try something on her own. She switched her “9 to 5” life to start her own business with her German husband she met while on a road trip to New Zealand. The couple founded Grafted, a joinery business focusing on practical contemporary designs and using sustainably sourced materials.

Her entrepreneurial adventure.

Aude welcomed her first baby when the business was celebrating its 2 years’ anniversary. The first couple of years while the company was growing, she used to work at 3 different places, a side hustle activity to be able to pay the bills. Aude explained her passion for adventure and nature that both led her to start her new life in New-Zealand. She found a women’s network in Nelson which helped her to create her own network for business and life purpose, making her integration going smoothly. Coming from a French business school, Aude Graf had the necessary tools to start her business and with her husband, they both decided to jump into the entrepreneurial adventure. A choice that Aude would make again if she had to!

Her advices to entrepreneurs.

> Don’t spread yourself too thin at the beginning.
> Use local network to get a chance to be part of the community.
> Let yourself be inspired by other success stories, they might give you the help you need.
> Starting a business with your spouse can work if you have boundaries and clear responsibilities for each of you.

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