Caroline Codsi

Who is she?

Caroline Codsi is the founder and CEO of Women in Governance. Lebanese, she experienced war when she was still a teenager. When she was able to take care of herself, her mother gave her the opportunity to study in Paris. She got a very successful career in Canada in a major Canadian company, but she soon realized the lack of women leaders on Boards. She created Women in Governance in Montreal, a well-known NGO working for a better representation of women in leadership roles. 

Her entrepreneurial journey.

Passionate entrepreneur and amongst the most influent women leaders in Canada, Caroline shared with us her story and gave advices on how to overcome obstacles women founders still face. When Caroline Codsi first decided to create a NGO for women on Boards, she faced strong competition. Already 400 organizations across Canada were working in the sector. As a result, Caroline came back on the importance to focus on your differentiation and also on the importance to persevere, no matter what the difficulties are. In addition, she also finds challenges in funding during a journey. But her ability to adapt to her market and her vision led Caroline to be one of the most important leader on this field.

Her advices to entrepreneurs.

> Allow yourself a bit of craziness.
> Learn as much as you can!
> Perseverance, strength, courage, determination are a must.
> Be innovative: focus on your differentiation.
> Be an inspiring leader people can trust.
> Allow others to be leaders as well.

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