Doris Capurro

Who is she?

Doris Capurro is a strategic thinker with proven entrepreneurial, leadership and execution skills developed over a successful 30 years career. Doris founded and sold several businesses, participated in the Executive Board of one of the largest Latin American companies. She also advised corporate Boards, CEO’s, Ministers and country Presidents.

Her entrepreneurial adventure.

Founder of Luft Energía, an Argentine renewable energy and investment company created at the beginning of 2016, Doris is what we call a serial entrepreneur. LUFT is associated with an international investment fund, based in the US, managing more than 13 billion dollars in assets. Together with the leading electricity company in Argentina, it builds a wind project in the province of Buenos Aires. 

She founded in 2001 two consulting firms –CAP Comunicación S.A. and Ibarómetro S.A– following the sale in 2000 of the leading national advertising agency she founded in 1983 (Capurro y Asociados) to the French multinational Publicis. She has managed the communication and market research in Argentina for valuable international brands and, in some cases, the coordination of global communication programs for Nestlé, L’Oréal, Club Med, British Airways, Qantas, General Electric, Whirlpool and Walmart… 
Mother of 2 sons (also entrepreneurs), Doris Capurro is a role model. Her interview reminds us that entrepreneurship is more about a mindset than a status.

Her advices to entrepreneurs.

> You can be an entrepreneur within a company. Find a problem and solve it.
> Don’t forget to focus on your project, money will come later.
> Be aware of the changing environment, always reinvent yourself
> Learn as much as you can. You need to know more than anyone else.
> Don’t expect recognition, you will be disappointed.

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