Ranjana Kumari

Who is she?

Raised in Varanasi, at her early age Ranjana Kumari witnessed a tragic dowry death that happened near her home. Therefore, having experienced such a revolting crime, she decided to dedicate her life in fighting against injustices Indian women have to face in silence.
In addition to dowry-related violence, she is strongly engaged against gender-based sex abortion and helps women access to governance and democracy.  

Her entrepreneurial adventure.

To prevent cultural barriers women face in India, Ranjana Kumari co-founded the Centre for Social Research (CSR) in Delhi. During her interview, she shares moments in her life where she witnessed gender-based discrimination, started from her own personal history. Ranjana kept a fast for few days to pressurize her family to manage to study in a mixed college in Delhi. A training that helped her to start her own organisation, CSR. The esteemed research institute, lobbyist, advocate and advisor to government institutions aims to create a violence-free, gender-just society through social research, capacity building and advocacy. 
For instance, CSR conduct initiatives such as “Save India’s girl child”. The program aims to put an end to sex selective abortion in areas where boys are preferred over girls. Gender transformative training, women skills development and social media awareness programs are also in the core of CSR’s missions. 

Her advices to entrepreneurs.

> Be fearless of failure.
> Be open to new ideas.
> “Why” prevails “How”.
> Embrace challenges, they will boost your self-confidence.
> Use social networks to your advantage.

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