Sandra Mwiihangele

Who is she?

Meet Sandra Mwiihangele, the inspiring and energizing founder and CEO of Kiyomisandz Cosmetic & Skincare Manufacturing. Namibian women still face some barriers to express their talent. Difficulties to access to education, high domestic violence rate and strong social pressure regarding their role as wife and / or mother are examples of cultural constraints. Sandra is one of the Namibian female entrepreneurs breaking those barriers and bringing opportunities for new talents in her country. She is rapidly becoming a reference and a role model thanks to her persistence and trust in her vision!

Her entrepreneurial adventure.

Back to school, she participated to a national contest which brought her to be in the top ranked in Africa. By creating an innovative lipstick with her friend, she realized how much she loved chemistry and problem-solving. Therefore, she studied Chemistry in a South African University which gave her all the skills she needed to start her own company. Her success story started a short time after her studies, when she founded her company specialized in manufacturing natural beauty products. This incredible woman has been featured in the well-known Africa Forbes 30under30. And her successful journey has just been started yet. Sandra Mwiihangele has one ambition: to be the first Namibian female entrepreneur to export her beauty products internationally!

Her advices to entrepreneurs.

> Entrepreneurship is about solving problems.
> When it comes to funding, don’t underestimate “love money” with crowdfunding.
> Every investment should answer to a customer service issue.
> Be patient, don’t grow too fast: learn lessons first.

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