Tanya Kathpal

Who is she?

Tanya Kathpal is a young Indian entrepreneur with a vision, to empower young people through knowledge. She founded Eat My News with an ambition, to make a difference in other’s people lives.

Her entrepreneurial adventure.

Because she strongly believes that knowledge is a strong confidence boost, Tanya started her own company Eat My News 4 years back with more than 1000 members across the world. Eat My News was born with a vision that one day every person in this world will be positively inspired, informed, and intelligent. Therefore, under her leadership, Eat My News has hosted 8 Youth Leadership Conferences where more than 200 participants from across India and the world have attended it in over a year. Offering also a transformative experience particularly targeting soft skills with young attendees, Tanya explains the importance to work on this particular aspect when it comes to be a leader.

She believes in the power of messages and how one’s message can change a life. TEDx speaker, she has been invited to many premier colleges across Delhi as a guest speaker. Tanya Kathpal particularly loves sharing ideas, stories, and knowledge on public platforms and social media.

Her advices to entrepreneurs.

> Don’t wait until you are ready otherwise you will be stagnating.
> Always prefer a solution mind-set.
> Be patient when starting your company, it takes time.
> If you feel lack of confidence, learn as much as you can.
> To be an entrepreneur, you need a tremendous belief in your project, and a lot of perseverance.

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