Valerie Mentz

Who is she?

Valerie Mentz is the founder and CEO of GEO Data Design. Serial entrepreneur, she managed different businesses from pet shops to data technology enterprise. Former financial planner, Valerie has been very successful in fixing business in troubles. She realized her passion for business when she had to quit her successful career to help her husband’s veterinary clinic in trouble at the time.

Her entrepreneurial journey

In 1999, Valerie and her veterinarian husband were living in Canada when they discovered that her husband’s business manager had embezzled a large sum from their company. Therefore, the embezzlement left her husband’s animal hospital in serious debt. At the time, Valerie Mentz was an extremely successful financial planner. But as a result, she put her own business on hold to sort things out with her husband’s veterinary practice and get things back on track. And she found she was good at it. In fact, she loved the challenge and has not looked back since. Known as a serial entrepreneur, she is the CEO of GEO Data Design. The company helps organisations across Africa by providing superior geospatial solutions to support decision-making. Using premier data sources and advanced technologies the company optimize workflows to increase value and deliver outcomes.

Her advices to entrepreneurs

> Find your passion, in business or in your product, and make it your strength.
> Follow your gut feeling: grab it and go for it!
> To be a leader, you need to work on your vision.
> Know how to read a financial statement.
> Use networking to boost your self-esteem.

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