Yong Yee Chong

Who is she?

Innovative consultant, facilitator, coach and entrepreneur, Yong Yee Chong recently founded Design Tinker, a creative problem-solving agency. Besides her entrepreneurial activities, Yong Yee is passionate about sports and runs marathons. She likes comparing sports and entrepreneurship, both being a great way to overpass herself in her routine.

Her entrepreneurial adventure.

Yong Yee Chong is the founder of Design Tinker, a consulting firm that specializes in design thinking, a human-centred and empathy-based approach to solving problems. She is also the director of Ubuntu, an NGO who works with the street community in Malaysia. The organization aims to assist and empower them through different grassroots’ initiatives. When she is not working, this young woman trains herself to run marathon and spend time with some friends talking about sports in general. A great way according to her to extend her network to boost her creativity and to overpass herself.

Yong Yee explains in her interview that the best gift her parents gave her is their trust and their support in her projects. As a driver, she is acting to change things in positive ways. Yong Yee thinks that Malaysian women-led businesses are increasing. However, lack of confidence still resists and is a big challenge to overpass. She believes that including women into their own communities would break many barriers including the lack of confidence women still face sometimes.

Her advices to entrepreneurs.

> To overcome challenges, you first need to know yourself.
> Sport is a great tool to learn to know yourself.
> Don’t stick to your own circle, extending your span of interests will help you to develop your creativity.
> Learn how to discipline yourself for a better time management.
> If your “Why” is not stronger than the challenges, your chance to quit are higher.

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